Studio Tour

Studio Tour

My space where the magic happens.

My tiny art studio

My art studio is a small space inside our apartment that went though multiple transformation throughout my art career. It's tiny, cozy and magical.

Decorated with all of my favorite things, from plants to artworks done by me and my favorite artists from all over the world. Most importantly, I can have all of my favorite art books within my arms reach to sip on an endless dose of inspiration whenever I need an extra boost of creative energy.

To me, it fits my whole creative world. I love plants and quirky things, they inspire my just by sitting on a shelf and bringing character into my space.

Recently, I did a remodeling of my space as the amount of my creative outlets has increased and I introduced sewing into my practice and started making aprons for artist and brush cases. 


You can watch a whole studio tour on my YouTube channel here and walk around with me to look into all the corners yourself ;)

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my space.




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