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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a commission take to complete?

Commission time frame always depends on a medium and complexity. For art mediums like oils or watercolors, the time frame is longer because of the drying time and complex layering and glazing techniques and the average time is 2-4 months. For dry media like charcoal or color pencils the average time is 4-6 weeks for a medium size artwork (under 144 square inches). The amount of detail can always complicate and delay the process. Therefore, if you want to have your commission piece completed and delivered by a certain date, I highly recommend reaching out to me as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

Will there be a contract to sign?

Absolutely! Every commission begins with signing a contract by both the client and the artist. The contact outlines all of the details of the process, time frame, price, size, art medium, etc. The contract also outlines the details of the termination of the commission by either the client or the artist and the conditions that will apply because of that.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes! I take a 30% deposit at the contact signing stage to cover the cost of the supplies. This amount will be counted towards the final price and the remaining 70% will be due once the artwork is completed. The initial deposit is non refundable if the clients decides to terminate the contract mid-way.

Can I request a custom size for my commission?

Definitely! I am open to discussing your ideas for your commission and putting together a price package that best fits your specific request. Custom shipping rates will apply for oversized and international deliveries.