Meet the artist

HI, I’m Khrystyna, originally from Ukraine, now living in Effort, Pennsylvania. I’m a full time artist working in my little cozy art studio at home. I paint in a variety of mediums from watercolors to oils, and color pencils. I draw, illustrate, and teach others how to discover their creative selves.  Art is what saves me, I feel alive and content when I  draw and paint. I’m an introvert, but in a creative environment I become an extrovert and that's why I love teaching both through my Youtube tutorials and Patreon. I love drawing pet portrait commissions, painting nature, especially landscapes and flowers, love my cup of hot tea or coffee and moments of peace in my studio. And if you have any questions I’m happy to answer!

Artist trivia

Favorite color : 

I love all of them, but my most favorite is white.

Artist crush: 

It's a tough one, but probably Monet.

Favorite subject to paint: 


Biggest fear:

Darkness! Maybe that's why I paint so many still-lifes with dark backgrounds ;)

Favorite hobby:

Figure skating.

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