• 🐾 Tailored Artistry:

    I will meticulously hand-create a beautiful portrait based on your pet's photo.

  • 🐾 Lifelike Representation:

    Through skilled techniques, I'll capture your pet's essence, their adorable expressions, and distinctive features.

  • 🐾 Personalized Touch:

    Incorporate your pet’s favorite toys, combine multiple pets on one page, add names or custom text messages to your portraits.

Artistic Process

🐾 Consultation: We will discuss your pet's personality, the desired composition, and any specific elements or style preferences you have in mind.

🐾 Photo Selection: View my photo guide to help you select and share a high-quality photo of your pet—it should showcase their best features and serve as a reference for the portrait. I will help you select the best photo for your commission. DOWNLOAD PDF GUIDE HERE

🐾 Contract: A signed contract is required to ensure a smooth and efficient commission process. All the details will be outlined in the contract, including timeline, size, medium, photo reference, personalized requests, price, terms and conditions. A non-refundable DEPOSIT of 30% is required at contract signing to secure booking to cover the cost of art materials.

🐾 Design Phase: I will begin sketching the initial concept and composition. You'll have a chance to review and provide feedback before moving forward.

🐾 Creation: Once the design is approved, I will begin working on the portrait keeping you updated on the progress. Total completion time is approximately 5-6 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the portrait 

🐾 Finalization: Your completed portrait will be shared with you for a final review, allowing any minor adjustments before we provide the finished masterpiece. Final payment amount is due before shipping. US shipping is FREE. International shipping will be reviewed on individual basis.

Let's get your commission process started!

Send a quick email with a brief description of your desired pet portrait commission. I will get back to you shortly with more details and the next steps for your booking.

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