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'Winter's Calm' Original Landscape. 24x36in. Unframed

'Winter's Calm' Original Landscape. 24x36in. Unframed

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'Winter's Calm' 24x36in, 1.5in profile,

Oil on stretched cotton canvas. Painted around all edges. Ready to hang.

Calm and crispy winter evening when you can feel the air filling your lungs and clearing all worried of the day away. This painting covers a view from the clear river under your feet, where you can see all the stone son the bottom of it, to the rising mighty mountains that touch the clouds and catch the sunlight making the snowy slopes almost glow. This is a painting that takes you on a journey and lets you get lost among the  tall evergreens to walk around with your eyes and catch a break from your daily life.

Signed and varnished.

Beautiful, elegant, classical, and timeless image. I paint my compositions from a combination of life references and visions from my imagination and it gives a unique feeling to all of my paintings, each one of them has it's own character and vibe.

Lightfast colors have amazing archival quality and will last for hundreds of years. Painted in traditional oil technique with multiple layers to create an iconic luminosity effect.

This landscape painting is a nice addition for any interior and makes it a perfect gift for any occasion or as a treat for yourself. Only one is available.

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